Winner Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 2009

Several years ago Keith started work on plans to create a large graphite drawing (5m x 1.5m) based on one of his winter walks into the fabulous Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran. On completion Keith gifted the drawing to North Ayrshire Council and they recently had a full size copy made. The drawing has been the centre of another, this time, collaborative project with Seattle based landscape photographer and documentary maker Dan Thornton. Dan started joining Keith on walks and developed an idea to create an hour long documentary about his work, walking and role his visual impairment has played in it. The film is centred around the big Glen Rosa project. John Lowrie Morrison gave an interview to Dan and his colleague Dr David Feeney as part of the project.

In collaboration with North Ayrshire Council, Keith will shortly be exhibiting the original large drawing at the Isle of Arran Distillery Visitor Centre and Dan and one of his crew are coming over to record the final footage for the film. The drawing will be exhibited, along with a small number of other works from 1st September - 31st October.

The filming of the documentary is almost complete and Keith and Dan are trying to raise awareness of the film both in the UK and in the United States. The link below goes to an article just published in a Seattle newspaper and it contains a short 10 minute long film that Dan made shortly after Keith and he first met.

Local doc "Glen Rosa" showcases Scottish artistís creative vision - The Seattle Globalist